Guests and Visitors
  • Dorothy Homann, Gold Canyon
  • Vicki Fisk, Mesa
  • Ron McCanber, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Jennifer Gardner, Gilbert
  • Megan Connolly, Apache Junction 
  • Chelsea Connolly, Apache Junction
  • Paula Blessman, Gold Canyon
  • Heather Its, Mesa
  • Terry Doolittle, Gold Canyon
Visiting Rotarians
  • Bill Ohe, Edmonton, Alberta Riverview Rotary Club
  • John Wasmuth, Marinville Rotary Cub
  • Tom Halazon, Kennewick, Washington, Columbia Center Rotary Club
  • Michelle Holcomb, Fountain Hills Rotary Club
  • Russell Grove, Pearl Beach, Australia Woy Woy Rotary Club
  • Phyllis Chambers, Lincoln, Nebraska Downtown #14 Rotary Club
  • "Van" Van Jepmond, Lacy, Washington Rotary Club
  • Scott Counfoough, Ithaca, Michigan Rotary Club
  • Mary McCambridge, Loveland, Colorado, Rotary Club
  • Jim McCambridge, Fort Collins, Colorado Breakfast Club
  • Duane Knight, Fort Collins, Colorado Breakfast Club
  • Paul Knight, Fort Collins, Colorado Breakfast Club
Rotarians Visiting from other countries
  • Ilene Phipps, from the Cayman Islands Central Rotary Club.
  •  Frank Ewgr, from the Chapala, Mexico Sunrise Club and Russell Grove, from the Pearl Beach, Australia Woy Woy Club.