Posted by Roberta Holmes on Aug 01, 2019
July 10
President Bob Benjamin opened his first meeting by delivering the Rotary Minute: "my personal mission statement from when I was president of the Rotary club of Mercer Island 1995-96 …
  • Make some friends
  • Have some fun
  • Raise money
  • Spend it wisely
  • Do some good
  • Help someone
  • Make more friends
  • Have more fun"
Chief Mike Farber from the Superstition Fire and Medical District gave an update on the Woodbury fire. The fire is out, and their efforts are now focused on assessing the environmental damage. Chief Farber also reassured us about the low risk of losing homes in our residential areas, and gave statistics on the department’s ability to respond quickly with equipment and manpower.

July 17
Ray Trankle spoke about the 90-year history of the Valley Queen Cheese Factory in Milbank, South Dakota. They produce 140 million pounds of cheese annually, with the help of 65,000 cows.  They sell their product to major cheese retailers like Kraft. Every one of us probably has some of their cheese in our refrigerators.  Ray is on the Board of Directors. 

July 24

Nancy Tossell spoke about her book “Designing Your Retirement Lifestyle”.  Most of the elderly live at home, or stay at home as long as they can. The cost of living in a retirement home averages about $4,000 per month … there are some cheaper (not good) and there are others that cost more than $10,000 per month.  Living at home is the preference and one key to succeeding is staying healthy. Getting injured in a fall is a major risk for the elderly … so DON’T FALL.  One significant factor in one’s ability to stay at home is the design of your home … no steps, grab bars in the shower, raised toilet seat, etc.  The cost of a remodel making your home safer for your aging body can be justified by the number of years you can add to staying at home as opposed to being forced to move to a retirement home.   

Our second speaker was Bryant Powell. Bryant included the entire club in his golf tournament planning meeting, rather than holding it after the meeting.  Participation was excellent and a lot was accomplished.  We intend to do the same thing in the fall when our active winter visitors return.

July 31
Our speaker was Denise Hart, President and CEO of the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce. Denise spoke about her goals, including rebranding, possibly renaming the chamber, and increasing the chamber's social media presence. She urged all members to complete the survey that was recently distributed. Other items she discussed included:
  • The Town Hall meeting will be on August 20 from 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm at Central Arizona College, where the results of the surveys will be shared.
  • The Chamber's first Apache Junction/Superstition Region restaurant week is scheduled for October 6 - 12. Member restaurants can participate for $25 and non members for $45. Lunch will be two courses for $10.99 and dinner will be three courses for $19.99.
  • A job expo will be held in partnership with Central Arizona College. For more information, contact CAC.
  • Planning has begun for the Festival of the Superstitions, which will be on Saturday, November 9.