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We meet Wednesdays at 12:10 PM
Gold Canyon Golf Resort
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We welcomed visiting Rotarians Don Austin from the Edmonds (WA) Day Breakers club and Van Van Jepmond, one of our regular winter visitor attendees from Lacey, WA.  Tracey Yamamoto brought as her guest Justin Waters who is a dental student at Midwestern University in north Phoenix.
1. Jack Beveridge announced the Empowerment Systems annual turkey drive.  This is for the Christmas holidays rather than for Thanksgiving The turkeys are given out on December 13th.  Jack is soliciting donations - you can provide a low income family with a turkey dinner for $20.  Donate online at empowermentsystems.org. or make a check payable to "Empowerment for Life Foundation."  Jack thanked the club for its donation of $300 toward this project.  Jack also announced the recent birth of his second grandson.
2. Jim Erickson handed out pins for his term as District Governor of District 5495 which begins July 1, 2018.
3. Ed Shockley thanked the volunteers who worked at the Festival of the Superstitions (see following article).  Ed read a thank you from CAAFA for the $1,000 club donation and for the 20 club members who stepped up to give $20 each.
Ed started a bucket around for a Christmas present from the club for the kitchen staff. 
5. Lee and Roberta Holmes are going to host the club Christmas party at their home on December 16th.  More details to follow.
6. Mike Munion announced a Golf Committee meeting following this meeting.
7. Aaron McDermid is recruiting people to serve on our club Board of Directors for the next Rotary year which starts on July 1, 2018.  We have to let Rotary International know by the end of this calendar year who our club officers are for next year.
8. The drawing today was worth $441.  Roberta Holmes drew the winning number and won $10 but she drew the 2 of clubs.  We are down to 19 cards remaining in the deck.
Thanks are due to a bunch of people who helped at the club's fundraiser doing beer sales at the Festival of the Superstitions on November 11 & 12.
First of all to Harvey Clark for chairing the club's participation in this event including rounding up volunteers at our weekly meetings.  Second to Len LaFlesch for handling the bureaucratic red tape involved in getting a liquor license to sell beer at the Festival.
Third to the volunteers who sold beer:  Ed Shockley and Harvey Clark (both above), Tracey Yamamoto, Warren Salinger, Ben Fellows, Cassandra Shockley, Cheryl Walser-Kramer and Scott Lanning (Mike Cowan's son-in-law).
Thanks too to the Handlebar Pub and Grill that donated the beer and wine and to the AJ Chamber members who organized the entire event.  The Handlebar also provided two employees named Krista and Kerry who helped with beverage sales.
Our speaker today was our own Mike Munion on the topic "The Pain Project".  Mike has an MA and is an LPC who has been a practicing psychotherapist in Arizona since 1979. 
Mike started out by discussing the opioid epidemic that our country is experiencing.  For example 2 people die daily in Arizona from opioid overdoses. Mike then made the distinction between acute and chronic pain. 
The Pain Project is an online community where people who suffer from chronic pain - and the pain project therapists who care for them - learn to manage pain and provide support for one another.  The professional staff of the Pain Project (13 by my count) interact with patients via Skype sessions that last up to an hour.  The objective according to Mike is to develop patient-centered pain self management.  Another objective is to adopt a conservative use of analgesics - what's needed and no more.
The Pain Project approach, according to their website, is to:
1. Help you better understand your pain
2. Guide you to healing
3. Develop a plan with attainable goals
4. Teach you skills to reclaim your life
5. Put you back in control
For more information, see thepainproject.com.
Jared Gibbs - November 16
Dean Holmes - November 21
Debbie and Dan Jusko - November 7 - 25 years
Sharon and Roger Stinard - November 18 - 39 years
Bob Crow - November 13 - 15 years
Fareed Baig - November 19 - 3 years
Jeff Cutler - November 19 - 3 years
Bob Homann - November 27 - 15 years
November 22 - No Meeting - Thanksgiving
November 29 - Steve Rozansky - Author/Speaker
December 6 - Dr. Jim and Beth Blessman - Blessman Ministries - Report on Rotary grant
December 13 - Frank Mwinyelle - Integrity Hospice
December 16 - Club Holiday Party at the Holmes house
January 17, 2018 - Rotary Golf Tournament
April 5-8 - RYLA. $400 per student

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