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Wednesdays at 12:10 PM
Gold Canyon Golf Resort
6100 S. Kings Ranch Road
Gold Canyon, AZ
United States of America
May be an image of 7 people and people standingCongratulations Club members Jeffrey Mitchell, Terralle Moore and Sarah Snyder on their recent graduation from the 2021 Apache Junction Citizen Leadership Institute. They, (along with other Apache Junction and Gold Canyon residents) put in time and effort to better understand Apache Junction governance and structure.
June 16 Meeting
Lee Holmes spoke about past trips to South Africa to work with the Blessman Foundation. He shared info about the upcoming Africa trip planned for Fall/Oct of this year. It has been 2 years since his last Africa trip (ie Covid travel issues).
While in Africa, the group works with children, putting them into new shoes, and fitting them for new glasses, getting involved with farming/water issues, delivering feminine hygiene products, working with the elderly, and also with latrine projects. 
Fun adventures await the group as they go on safari, ride elephants, and get a chance to view all sorts of varieties of animals. Along the way there are always African people who want to sing for the tour group - much to the joy of everyone.
The focus of the Africa trips is participating in projects to help those in need. As part of the trip the group always visits South African Rotary Clubs. Anyone interested in learning more about participating should contact Lee for details.
Bryant Powell spoke to the Club about projects and events happening in the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon areas. He brought the Club up to date about the Community Service Sign project. With local area forest fires on everyone's minds, Bryant brought the Club up to date about the latest developments. He shared latest info about the planned community dog park project. There are new housing projects in the area that he shared updates about, along with discussing water issues for the area, and sharing updates about roadway construction and issues.
June 9 Meeting
Our speaker was April Joy O'Gorman, who spoke to the Club from Florida, via Zoom. April was introduced by her Grandpa, Club President Harvey. April spoke to the group about her work as an Industrial Design Strategist. She shared highlights about 3 of her projects --- 'Ripple- the biodegradable boogie-board' --- 'Phoenix - a circular economy model' --- and 'Cora - coralline algae manufacturing'. 
'Ripple' has received a number of design awards, both in the USA and Europe. The project idea came from her work for several years as a beach lifeguard, as well as personally being a surfer & someone who loves water sports.
'Phoenix' is a design strategy focused on the building industry. The concept is to repurpose buildings instead of demolishing and reconstructing, thereby saving money and being eco-friendly - ('the greenest buildings are the ones that already exist'). 
'Cora' is a lime manufacturing center that grows coralline algae. Algae is needed for many industries. The current method of manufacturing is not eco-friendly and Cora, and its processes, would change that.
All of April's projects have a focus of using sustainable materials and getting away from 'using forever materials for temporary projects.'
June 2 Meeting
Our speaker was Glen Walp, (former Apache Junction Chief of Police) current President of A.D.O.B.E.  Glen shared a wealth of information about A.D.O.B.E., including information about the early days of Gold Canyon. 
Gold Canyon's early days started with being  a cattle ranch and also a dude ranch. Over time property developers have developed the Gold Canyon area to become the community currently enjoyed by the local residents. 
In about 1989 there were approximately 300 citizens living in our area who got together and decided they wanted to create some form of comprehensive plan to help guide how the Gold Canyon area would be developed - and A.D.O.B.E. evolved. Names of some individuals who played important roles in the development of the group throughout the years were Rosemary Scherer, Genevieve Bricker, George Johnston, Harold Christ, Sandi Smith, and many others.
A.D.O.B.E. was instrumental in creating and owning the publication - 'Gold Canyon Ledger'. Content came from community writers, and advertising was sold to local businesses, with the publication being printed by AJ  Printer, Ray's Printing. This publication became the 'voice of Gold Canyon'. (In the past few years, the publication has been renamed 'Superstition Living', and Ray's Printing has been acquired by Mansur Design Company, who currently publishes the publication. This free publication is delivered at the beginning of each month to AJ and GC community residents via USPS. )
Glen talked about issues and concerns that A.D.O.B.E has been involved with for a long time -- ie, highway 60 bypass issues, annexation issues, conservation, business development and other topics that have been important to the Gold Canyon area.
(For more information visit A.D.O.BE.'s website - http://www.adobegoldcanyon.org/ orhttps://www.facebook.com/adobegoldcanyon. For more information about 'Superstition Living' and to read the current issue, visit their website -- https://issuu.com/superstitionliving  orhttps://www.mansurdesign.com/supersititon-living )



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